Let’s get witchy, bitches.

In The Mythfit Witch Mysteries, accidental witch Mariposa Valdes struggles to understand and wield her strange new powers in the wake of the near-death experience that left her broke, homeless, and alone. She can speak with the dead, walk between worlds, and face down supernatural enemies– but can she survive facing her own demons?

MetamorphosUS is the first novel in this new urban fantasy/paranormal adventure series that’s sure to appeal to fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the Dresden Files, and the Anita Blake series. 

Image of the front cover of the novel MetamorphosUS by Rebecca Rose Vassy, featuring an original illustration of a butterfly with a key for a body and rose petals falling from the wings. Illustration by Zephyr Schott.


All Mariposa Valdes wanted was a safe place to crash and a few days to breathe. But there are forces calling her to the fire festival MetamorphosUS. They whisper in dreams and visions of a soul in mortal danger there, and of a deadly enemy who must at all costs be stopped. Mari knows, all too well, the face of this demon…because once, it was nearly the last thing she saw.

Or she would know it, if he had a face.

With no idea who his target is or how to save them, but with nowhere else to go, Mari enters the carnivalesque art fields of MetamorphosUS alone and afraid. She quickly discovers that the demon’s intended victim is just one piece of a paranormal threat involving an unseelie fae terrorist attack, a gestating army of nightmares, and the race for control of a supernatural weapon that could devastate humanity.

Mari has gifts unleashed by her brush with death, and a premonition of allies among the revelers. But if she has any hope of facing her demon, first she’ll be forced to re-forge the shattered pieces of her spirit and claim her deathright as a witch.

CONTENT NOTE: This book has frank discussion of suicide, suicidal depression, and mental illness.

What the readers are saying…

“Just finished this book, really the best new thing I’ve read in a long time…This isn’t another “tweens go to magic school” but ‘adults go to a fire festival,’ and these characters have adult feelings and problems, and I love them. I’ll be giving copies to friends for a while, I think.” Amazon reviewer Mr. Lee

“Fast paced and fun…A mad rush of witchcraft, demonology, umbanda, faerie and Burning Man.” Amazon reviewer John G 99

“After 40 years of reading fantasy novels, it’s a rare book that captures me as much as this one did. Vassy writes with a confident mastery of language. There were a number of passages where the elegance of her writing was so striking I read the passage out loud to my partner…The characters are engaging, complex, and written with heartbreaking tenderness…The story is fantastic, in more than one sense of the word, but never absurd. I’m counting the days till the next story in the series is released.” Anonymous Amazon reviewer

Image of Rebecca Rose Vassy aka Diva Darling with an open copy of MetamorphosUS, lying in a pile of the books

About the Author

Rebecca Rose Vassy is a queer writer, producer, performer, and teacher who now officially adds “novelist” to her slash-person identity. She has written and produced several original theater and short film scripts, usually under inadvisably-cramped conditions, and for the past decade has made her living by writing everything from blog posts to brochures to white papers to email copy. She is the host and producer of the underground hit show Smut Slam DC every month, and founded and manages the blog for Lotus Blooms, an education-based, woman-owned adult store, a blog that was named to Kinkly.com’s list of Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes. She runs a Facebook group for witchy and occult folks and spent many years creating and running classes, rituals, and events for as many as 200 people at various Pagan festivals in the Mid-Atlantic including the 5-year Fires of Venus cycle.

She’s a Jersey girl by birth, a reluctant NYC expat by circumstance, and has now lived in the Washington, DC area far longer than planned after it snuck up and captured her heart. She shares her life with her partner of 26 years, her polycule, and her foster animals. With the publication of MetamorphosUS, she hopes she will finally feel she’s lived up to all that “potential” she was told she had as a child.

Want more Mythfit Witchery?

In Book 2 of the Mythfit Witch Mysteries, Prisoner of Agon, Mari finds respite in a borrowed room near her new friends where she dreams of rebuilding her shattered life and learning to use her mysterious abilities in service to the powerful spirit who holds the lease on her life. But there’s no rest for the witchy, as the relentless demands of survival crash up against the disappearance of a photographer embroiled in an occult-themed alternate reality game, and Mari discovers that her beloved’s troubling absence has deadly consequences for the world.

Prisoner of Agon is scheduled for publication in Spring/Summer 2021. Get on the mailing list to be the first to know when it’s out!

Cover art for MetamorphosUS by Rebecca Proch; illustration by Zephyr Schott & photography by Karen Fletcher