Image of Diva Darling in leather corset with whip of roses with caption Queering Your Reality.

Welcome to the Femmepire.

Ever wished for a fairy godmother to sparkle you up and send you to the ball? Well, I’m Diva, and you just got invited to my party.

I’m a performer, an artist, a sex educator, a queer femme witch, a body-positive activist, and a relationship anarchist. I’m a writer who’s been having a torrid love affair with words all my life. And I know that you’re more fabulous and fascinating than you realize. Stick around and let me prove it to you.

You’ve probably felt your spirit straining under the weight of what you were taught to expect (or not) out of life– too much work, too little money, struggling to get by, dreaming of a world with more fun and passion and meaning and magic while you lived every day on a gray repeating loop of obligation. Maybe you’ve got a mild-mannered alter ego and you just know there’s a real you longing to be seen and to shine. I get it. I’ve been there.

It’s time to come out and play.

Join me?

Let’s get…

Image of Rebecca Rose Vassy with copy of MetamorphosUS urban fantasy novel open on her chest, surrounded by books with the word "Wordy" overlaid

The Mythfit Witch Mysteries

Fan of urban fantasy? I’ve got a new book series I think you’ll love…

Image of Diva Darling in a red feathered robe with a microphone with the word "Dirty" overlaid

Smut Slam DC

I host a monthly open mic storytelling show that’s all about sex!

Image of Diva Darling looking in a mirror over a shelf with two rocks that say "cheeky" and "queen", with the word Nerdy overlaid

The Glitter Bitch Blog

I’m always nerding out about pop culture, femme stuff, and weirdness.

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I’m gonna ask you to go look at my Patreon page because honestly I’m a pretty funny bitch and I made myself laugh a lot when I made it, and I’m pretty proud of how ridiculous it is, so I want you to get a giggle out of it too.  And if you like what you see and want to get in on that private party, I think I can make it worth your while.